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Why Compatibility?

It's the glue that holds a relationship together after the magic wears off

It's the practical aspect of the equation, what "makes sense" about the partnership and can also be the fun part of having a best friend who is also your lover.  Just because something makes sense - doesn't prevent it from feeling good.

It's what gets you through those inevitable rough spots in the road - the chemistry isn't enough.

MISMATCHES are more work - require a lot more compromise and limit the joy and harmony.


In the workshops, retreats and private sessions - we create a safe space to facilitate new patterns, increase awareness and begin the journey to become a more positive influence in our communities – through more mindful and considerate romantic relationships.

The Communications Factor

Communications is a Major Compatibility Factor

When two people meet and they find each other attractive & enjoy each other's company - often the getting acquainted stage is too short before each becomes attached to the possibility of this other person being "the one".

As the relationship unfolds, small and even sometimes major "red flags" surface. But the tendency is to ignore those warning signals because the rest of the situation is still feeling good.

Later, those same "red flags" are often the issues which cause major conflict and the end of the relationship.

Most people put their best foot forward and are reluctant to discuss the issues in the moment. They withheld information and don't ask the tough questions. They don't want to be rejected or to ruin the romance.

How Are We Doing?

The many match making services and membership website services do part of the work in terms of sorting through the 'data base' on a very basic level.

But a personal matchmaker or a system - cannot go as deeply as two conscious people can and will - in exploring the possibilities for creating a meaningful partnership.

Different centuries and even different decades have a unique model of romantic relationship ideology.  The women and men create a different approach as society shifts and changes.

And the roles of men and women have certainly changed, even in this past twenty years.  In many ways - we are making progress.

However, some of the same imbalances and unhealthy patterns are still plaguing us.

Most people still seek partners for the wrong reasons and don't consider the serious issues before getting too deeply involved because of the chemistry or the emotional euphoria.