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21st Century Mate Relationships

Conscious Couples Creating A Better World

JoyRae Freeman - Cosmic Cupid

In the mid 1980’s, I began research on the issue of mate relationships as I had noticed this is an area most people seem to struggle with a great deal.  At that time, I was in Los Angeles and the single population there was very large - although I was aware that other areas were almost as high, statistically.

I had noticed in my own history and those of friends & family – that people were relying on not much more than a grab bag approach to selecting a partner.  And everywhere (elevators, restaurants, at bus stops), men and women of all ages and backgrounds were bemoaning the issues in various romantic partnerships.  I found myself asking silently, “WHY did you get involved with that person if that issue is so irritating?”

So the concept of my writing and the mate relationship mission was born.  I began doing interviews with a wide range of women and men of many different ages & national origins. It was no surprise that my career unfolded with opportunities as a VP and Senior matchmaker for a major matching service in Beverly Hills, CA and later as the resident matchmaker, editor and writer for a singles newspaper in Ventura, CA.

My premise is that most people spend more time and know more what they are doing when they shop for a pair of shoes, a car, a job, a house etc. than when they pick a mate. This concerns me as I noticed the negative results of this random selection process: millions of children from broken homes with no role models, a growing single population and a serious strain on the social economic structure.