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21st Century Mate Relationships

Conscious Couples Creating A Better World

Conscious Mate Events

What To Expect

• An increase in your awareness of romantic love success -Interactive exercises designed to identify and begin breaking down barriers to your own relationship fulfillment.

• Better sense of your values and priorities.

• A diverse group of classmates

What To Bring

• All your relationship baggage

• Your dreams and hopes for your relationship future

• A journal if you wish

• Water bottle

Full Day Workshop

Lunch, handouts, water and tea are provided (if you have food allergies, let me know ASAP) the lunch will NOT include beef, pork, dairy, pasta, white breads or foods high in processed sugars.


JoyRae Freeman - "Cosmic Cupid" Matchmaker, NLP/Hypnotherapy

Practitioner, Radio Producer, Master QiGong Instructor/Master Healer, Writer

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