21st Century Mate Relationships

Conscious Couples Creating A Better World

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Most people spend more time and know more what they are doing when they shop for a pair of shoes, a job or a house than when they pick a mate. And it shows! The results are mismatches – couples who are not really well matched to be married; or even to be in a deep temporary involvement.

Many are not ready for a serious relationship with ANYONE because they are not yet whole. It affects the entire economic/social grid - the productivity, the community and especially, the children. I believe that we can create CONSCIOUS partnerships – relationships that GIVE out INTO the community, instead of draining it through conflict, wasted energy and unfilled yearnings.

CONSCIOUS MATING - begins with two whole people, who then come together with awareness - for the greatest good of all –- not just for filling their own voids and, those most often fleeting ecstatic moments.


Are You Satisfied In YOUR Relationship?

Are you in one OR headed for a MISMATCH?      

Do you want to create a more conscious relationship for your future?

Have you noticed that many relationships fizzle after the magic wears off?

Can you see how healthy relationships could help heal the planet?  

If happily single - do you experience mismatches second hand from friends and relatives?

Are you willing to consider a new approach and release old patterns regarding this vital issue?